Sunday, November 10, 2013

Introducing Kitty Pride the Sexologist

·         The day before I wrote this, I was in a coffee shop sipping some mint tea and taking care of several tasks on my computer. Now, I happen to have a downloaded application to attend a training with Dr. Patti Britton for clinical sexology and was going back and forth between that and my “vision document” where I was typing things that I see myself doing in the near future. My vision document included sex education seminars, events, and my completed and future education that I plan to pursue. I was just minding my business like I usually do.
·         Well, this guy standing over me happen to notice my laptop, or so he says. I knew what he was looking at. He was looking at what I was typing and how I was going back and forth between these documents as well as some PDF files for research that I’ve been doing. He began asking about my laptop and where I got it from as if he was so fascinated by it. I knew what he was looking at, but I played along anyway. Then my documents were brought up, somehow. I don’t even remember how it came into our discussion.
·         He was attractive. I’m not sure of his ethnicity, but who cares- he obviously has a penis. I told him about how I am working on my second book and proceeds to ask me about it. Then he is curious as to what I do. I told him I am currently completing my undergrad in psychology and plan to become a sex coach next year as well as plans to train in clinical sexology in a few months. Of course he says the inevitable as a response: “I know you have some freakiness penned up inside of you somewhere.” I laughed while rolling my eyes.
·         If I would have said I’m going to medical school, he probably would have been a bit intimidated by me. If I would have said I’m a school teacher, he probably would have asked for my number. Since I said that I’m a sexologist with plans to become a sex therapist, OH SHIT! I don’t know what he was thinking other than he was talking to a “freak.”
·         The irony behind all this is that I started studying sex from the last place anyone would ever think to check- the Bible. I grew up in church and my father happens to be a pastor. I just wanted to know why we had to wait to have sex when we were married. That’s it. The only thing I found was that marriage, sex, and love was often translated from the same word in the Greek and Hebrew language- something that increased my curiosity. I was 20 years old and engaged at the time. I just wanted to know why it was such a big deal for the church to make sure people waited until after saying “I do” to have sex.
·         Anyway, I knew this was the career for me when I discovered there was such thing as sexology. Sexology just means study of sex- that’s it. This means that I have capacity to be an educator, researcher, counselor, and even therapist if I want based on scientific research on sex. Sexology is a scientific field which means that it is more than just teaching people how to give head. It is a broad field that spans from sexual deviancies to sex education in schools to medicine to psychology.
·         We live in a society that is obsessed with sex and we suppress it at the same damn time. I’m not about to go get into this because it is so redundant to speak on it, but it’s the truth. I will say this: it’s not that serious. Sex is just as important for your health as your diet. You get horny like you get hungry and it’s not because there is something wrong with you. You get horny because that is the physiological processes that your body has. It’s not temptation. It’s not being slutty. It’s not being pathetic. It’s life- that’s it.
·         Basically people want to pen their sexual insecurities on me as if I have all the answers and the most extravagant sex life that they’ve NEVER seen. I can feel that energy of some of the people that reads this- reading my blogs just to have a reason hate me. I didn’t even fuck you and you hate me like I hit it and quit it. Either way, I can read through your fascination of my so-called “sexual prowess” and confidence that you say I have. I see right through you curiosity. I also see through your adverse attitudes and disapproval. The ones that hate the most are the ones with the nastiest minds and they are living their lives with no authenticity.
·         Thus the reason for my chosen career. My name is LeKeisha anyway (since that seems to be the stereotypical name for a freak). I’ve been there and done that- my second book is almost done on it. Most importantly people need to be educated and guided- at least people that give a damn about their own destiny. Sex is obviously powerful which is why there is such a crazy response I get when I say that I am a sexologist. I’m not even calling myself an expert because I don’t know everything. I just know enough about it where I know it is something that is worth studying for years to come.

·         I appreciate all the love, hate, shock, and curiosity I receive from people off the street. It lets me know that I’m doing the right thing. Now I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on here with a new blog, but I promise that I will be coming with some heat soon. Right now, I’m completing my studies, getting ready for my trainings, and completing a book that I actually started around early summer 2013. When you see me in the street or on social media say what’s up and show some love. If you have a question inbox me. If you have a complaint, holla at me. If you want to hate, make sure you do it in my face- be real about your shit. Trust me- I will be real about mine. Until next time…

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