Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Teach Me To Write Erotic Shit

Last spring I went to Queen Sheba’s book release party for her first release of Long Story Short. (The book is fuckin’ awesome by the way.) Well, while she signed my book she wrote something I thought I would never hear from a poet of her proficient caliber: “Kitty, teach me how to write erotic poetry!” What? This chick has Grammy nominations and shit and she’s asking me to teach her erotic poetry. It reminded me of people who asked me to teach them how to fuck. How do you teach someone how to fuck? Is there a way to teach someone how to fuck? Well, I don’t believe you can necessarily teach someone how to fuck let alone teach someone to write erotic poetry. Then again, there are some aesthetics to be taken into consideration. For instance, you have to know where to insert the penis, tongue, finger, sex toy, etc. or whatever to be able to use it effectively and have an enjoyable experience. However, eroticism is a bit different. I mean, you could use penis, tongue, finger, sex toy, etc. or whatever to be erotic, but everyone does that shit. I came across her book to read it again a few weeks ago for some inspiration. I just so happened to read her autograph and it sparked me to write this blog. “How the fuck do I write erotic poetry?” I began to ask myself. I never really thought about it, until now. So I did a little bit of research as to what eroticism is. Eroticism comes from the Greek word Eros- everyone knows this. What everyone fails to understand is that the real definition for it “is caused by love or even given to love.” What is? I don’t know, you tell me. Apparently to be erotic causes love to be in your life. Hmm. Something making love to be in my life? What causes love in your life? What is given to love in your life? Unfortunately, a lot of people cannot answer these questions because we thought eros was sex. Sex is a part of it- in fact it can be evidence of it when used in the right context. Eros is that deep shit that doesn’t make sense, but it just makes you feel that bubbly feeling inside when you are around that object of affection. Hell, you can eroticize balloons- some people actually do this. The thing about Eros is that it is that part of love that makes no sense. It is an arresting presence of love that can weaken the strongest man and capture the strongest woman. The only way to express it, whether verbally, written, or any form of expression, is… well… I don’t know. Is there a universal way of expressing it. I haven’t written an erotic poem in almost a year since I met my significant other. Ever since he has been in my life, I have been living an erotic poem. Some of you are thinking that must mean sex three times a day, giving head in his car, making out in the movie theatre, etc. Well… its more to it than all this. I reminisce on how we met online, our first conversation over the phone, our first meeting, and our first date. It was funny because he “warned” me that he was 5’7” (like that shit matters). We have been together ever since. I crave his hugs everyday while he is mesmerized by my touch. We get disappointed when we have to part. We are a love story- an erotic oasis that appears as a mirage to the rest of the world. I’m not sure of how to write eroticism, but I know how to spot it when I see it. The problem is that is normally things that are overlooked by us everyday people. For instance, when is the last time you sat and stared at an orchid blossom right in front of your eyes? What about an actual bee pollinating a flower? Have you ever seen the sun kiss the horizon? What about a butterfly that spreads its wings for the first time? In reality, there is no set way to write eroticism or be erotic. You can, however, capture eroticism by paying attention to the smallest details in life itself. After all, without erotic love there would be no life- even the ankh teaches us that. Love can hurt, but erotic love heals. Whips and chains are all fun and games, but no one can withstand the power behind a simple stare, a gentle touch, or a whisper in one’s ear. Even in the Song of Solomon in the Bible the Lover speaks of her Beloved by reciting “let me kiss him with my kisses” and the Beloved is hypnotized by her breasts that remind him of two does. This is something that many people try to write off as a symbol for the love of God when clearly it is the love between a lover and the beloved that merges their spirit and their flesh. What it boils down to is this- to be erotic is to be completely naked with you… and humble. Agape love is unconditional love, but erotic love is UNSELFISH LOVE- this is why it doesn't make sense. It is love that gives total attention to your beloved selflessly. Your beloved can be your work, you significant other, or even an imagined fantasy. It is what you would wholeheartedly sacrifice everything for. It is something that is most sacred, like a god or a shrine. It is the only thing that can unify and arrest your body, mind, and spirit at the same time within you. It makes sexiness look simplistic. That is how love of this form enters your life and in your presence. I cannot write your erotic poem. I can’t even teach it. I can listen and critique its authenticity. Some poems are written in pure lust while other’s is a testament of their beloved. You have to find your erotic voice around you- and it’s all around you if you open your heart and pay attention. Whether you put it to paper, recite it on stage, or live it daily, once you recognize your true erotic side, you will realize that it was never a talent, but a hidden treasure that God gave us to experience. By the way, become a fan of Queen Sheba. She’s fuckin’ dope. And buy her book too: https://www.facebook.com/TheQueenSheba#!/TheQueenSheba8?fref=ts