Monday, December 17, 2012

Diary of a Confused Black Blogger

So, I learned that a the concept of the Angry Black Woman syndrome was developed by a black man who is a clinical psychologist. Here is my take on this. 1. That fact that he is making a generalization and categorizing this based on race means that he probably didn't do that well in college when he was studying psychology. A real psychologist will not and cannot hypothesize a syndrome on race alone. He can study the race for specific details and sensitivities, but it is unethical to base a specific syndrome or characteristic to one group of people that every race of people experience with each other. 2. Definition: Angry Black Woman Syndrome - When a (Black/African American) woman has been hurt and/or has watched someone she loves experience hurt and uses those experiences to build a brick wall of anger. She typically comes off as mean, aggressive, or unapproachable. Hmm... Don't women of other races have the same types of characteristics, too? I have noticed many times that when I get angry I have been told I was a drama queen or an angry black woman. I have seen women of other races get angry and people are rushing to their defense. IJS... The world is pretty big so there are so many variations of women that display so many different attitudes and emotions. 3. People need to get real with the fact that everyone has emotions- even more with women. Sorry, but women get angry, sad, happy, etc. Women can go from one extreme to another emotionally. Let's get that straight... 4. No one is perfect, however we all know how to be a good judge of character. If the bitch is bitter, leave her ass alone. If he is trife, leave his ass alone. Period. That was simple, right? You know, sometimes it seems the simplest things are the most difficult because of its simplicity. We're used to things being so complex that when we get simple we are uncomfortable with conforming to it. 5. There is anger and then there is strength. There is strength and then there is anger. Had to put it both ways so no one will get offended. Guess what? Everyone has both emotions. This has nothing to do with sex. I was not even going to write anything this month because I am busy planning my holiday festivities. I was inspired to write this from watching "Diary of a Tired Black Man." Awesome movie. Even right now, as I write this, I am watching the scene where the woman gets mad because he left his dirty dras on the floor. She is getting him up and cussing him out for dirty dras and accusing him of having a woman on the side. The guy who is do the interview is allowing himself to get emotiona about certain things. Even the expert psychologist agrees with the term "Angry Black Woman Syndrome." Thanks Dr. So and So for agreeing to this bullshit title. Now go back to school and actually pay attention and refer to #1 in this blog. I am not saying none of what was in the movie is true. Truth was definitely being displayed. I think the focus was on angry black women destroying black men. Interestingly, Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Diary of a Tired Black Man were both done by... you guessed it... Black Men... Are there biases? Yes. Were there important points made? Absolutely! What is the issue then? The issue I had was the name of the syndrome. The other issue was that I felt at times the interviewer was not being objective. It seemed like there was a focus on angry black women and how they ruin the lives of black men- something that does exist. However, I feel there is a need to make them understand why the drama isn't necessary by pointing out the drama that black men face day to day outside of the home- police brutality and harrassment, discrimination, stereotypes, long day at their bullshit job, etc. Show what they really go through to be the man for their homes and communities as well- not just with actors, but also with real life people. The black female lead role actress acted pretty cheezy which is why I say follow a few brothas around who are going through some real shit too. This way you cover every area and learning methods that people need. A lot of black women, like myself, got the point of the film, but to get everyone you have to do a little extra sometimes. Besides all this, angry black woman syndrome is not a syndrome, but an idea- a hypothesis made by a black man who saw that his experience was similar to many other's. If in fact it has to be a syndrome and it goes in the books as a legitimate disease, the cause of it goes back before there were baby daddies, pimps, players, wife beaters, and dead beat dads. If this is a syndrome, then it is under the umbrella of Black Plight Syndrome- a mental condition that has been affecting African American people for centuries. Thank you for now... I have other shit I have to go take care of real quick. Maybe the next time I think about this I will do a part two. Until then, ponder on this...

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