Monday, October 15, 2012

Mars and Venus Runs the Universe

This initially was not going to be a blog but it became too long on my Facebook lol... I am watching Chrissy and Mr. Jones. After careful observation, they are just showing what practically every relationship experiences. It was like watching me and Mr. Wonderful go at it- even though it is not that bad or serious. Then I had an epiphany. Every woman is a Chrissy. We talk about what he doesn't do write. We always talk about what men don't do right. Jim Jones, like practically most men, are simple and require short sentences and yes/no answers. What it boils down to is this: Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. We communicate differently. Our consciousness is different. Our POV's are different. It's supposed to be different. In some cases, opposite. There is a reason that men are broke from buying rims and video games and women are broke from decorating the house. Yin and Yang are not the same, but what keeps them together is how they share a little of each others traits. Men always fuck up and women will never be completely satisfied. SOooo what do we do? You both click and are inseperable. Simple. Let shit go. We will never be alike. In fact, even if you can't let go of his stupidity and her obnoxiousness, celebrate each other. You never see day have conflict with night. The sun continues to shine even when its not visible to a certain part of the globe... and it doesn't complain about it. Celebrate each others strengths and hold each other up in each other's weaknesses. I try to remember this when there is a disagreement, because in all honesty I am dating a wonderful guy and I want this to work. It has nothing to do with what he does right and what he doesn't do wrong. We have fun together and he is a nice balance I need in my crazy life. He is awesome! Does he get on my nerves? Yes, of course! He's a man lol. Guess what? I get on his nerves. End of the day we are in each others arms appreciating the time we have with each other. Ok... so what does this have to do with sex? We get so focused on the superficial aspects of sex that we can't even feel a person's soul. People get caught up looks, size, technique, experience, etc. in sex and in relationships as a whole. When will we be able to focus on the little things- like how he still opens the door for me or how I remember his favorite color? What about sharing secrets and passions to each other? What about how he kisses you on the forehead or how she rubs your feet while you fall asleep every night? We focus so much on what people do wrong, negativity, and things that are not going to last long as if that is the only way we can get gratification. Gratification comes from within. If you feel good about you from within, all you can really do is feel good when you are with the right people. We get so exhausted from trying to fix a relationship and even your sex life that you call it quits because you simply have no more desire or energy. However, when you are fulfilled from within before you meet that person, you will be satisfied with that person regardless of their imperfections. A kiss on the forehead will be one of the most erotic and orgasmic experiences you have with your partner... and you didn't have to engage in intercourse to have that feeling. Sex is not intercourse. Sex is just a short word for intimacy. Without intimacy, its not sex, its lasciviousness and lust. You and the other person is just a piece of ass and a meal ticket (with the right amount of money). I like intimacy, which is why I like Mr. Wonderful. He has his imperfections as well as I, but even our ashes are turned into beauty when we focus on each other's personal beauty. I hope things work out with Chrissy and Mr. Jones because regardless of how things have been, they have a passion for each other that they will not get from anyone else. That type of togetherness is the foundation of intimacy. But managing a relationship will require reasoning and understanding. Sometimes it means you will have to let it go, no matter what, if you genuinely connected. Ok... time to get back to some other business... this is just a thought :)

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