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The Funk on Vaginal Odor

The Funk on Vaginal Odor
By Kitty Pride
            I was a little hesitant about writing on this topic because, well, it is embarrassing to discuss and damn near taboo. Naturally, this is something every woman and man will have to deal with in life and we might as well face it head on (why not? I’m an Aries woman who likes to face everything head on). Anything with an odor is going to make anyone awkward and I think it’s because our society has an obsession with odor. Of course we would, because who really wants to be around something or someone that stinks. And God forbid a woman’s va-jay-jay has that fishy odor that every woman dreads. Let’s face it- pussy will always have an odor and there’s nothing we can do about it. However, we must educate ourselves on what it is, where it comes from, and how we can minimize it.
As I get older, I have been noticing changes in my body’s chemical makeup. I sit and wonder why our mothers don’t talk to us about this subject only to realize they are just as embarrassed about their vaginal odor. We think it’s enough to just teach a girl how to shower and use lots of soap, but its more than that. In order to control our vaginas, ladies and gentleman, we need to get rid of the stigma against it. We allow it to limit our sexual activity because women become so uncomfortable with it and men just get distant (Vixamar, 2008). Even Biggie said he would turn like doorknobs. However, a healthy vagina will release a discreet odor at some point in life (Vixamar, 2008)- in fact it will more than once.
Now, I know some of you are shocked by that statement, but it’s true. Some of what will be dispelled out of your pussy will be foul. You will go to the doctor thinking it’s a sexually transmitted disease or a bacterial infection only for your doctor to say that you’re fine. Because you don’t believe your doctor, they write out a prescription for antibiotics anyway just in case (I know I have). But, ladies, the odor will be there whether it is noticeable by anyone else or not (Vixmar, 2008). It’s like that one frenemy that we hate but can’t get rid of because deep down inside you’re still friends for some sick reason.
So, what can cause vaginal odor? The same shit that the fellas like to see us wear or even smell like: tight clothing, douching, thongs (I know it does for me), certain chemicals in certain daily products we use like soaps and detergents (Vixamar, 2008). Even the foods we eat can cause vaginal odor. Contraceptives, weather, underwear- anything you can think of can throw your pH off and cause you to smell like fish, moth balls, or some other disgusting or awkward odor that can be as simple as a pH imbalance without infection. I know I can’t eat a lot of beef personally. I have talked with women who say they cannot eat potatoes or chicken because it messes up their body chemistry. Wearing pants too often causes issues for me as well. Some of these things are no brainers. But we act like we have the cleanest vagina. Apparently for some of us women, our boo boo is not the only thing that smells like roses in our world.
Now, yeast infections aside, shit happens… or in this case, vaginal odor does. So, now what should we do? You want to look, feel, and smell sexy, right? You want to please your man or at least find someone halfway decent that will be attracted to you. Some of you do everything from pour bleach in your bathwater to douching once a week (not good). Some go the natural, aternative route while others are at the doctor’s office once every two months to make sure you’re vagina gives the impression of being pure. With the possible causes listed what does this say about the female anatomy when it comes to the energy or the scent we give off?
Energetically, my observation is this: we give off what we absorb, we release what we receive, and we birth what is sown into us. Frankly, we should be asking ourselves what are we putting into our bodies and who and what are we allowing in there to set up residence. It could be the men we associate ourselves with. It could be the food we eat or what we drink. It could be the clothes we wear that our skin absorbs. Even the things we think is good for us is not. For instance, I recently learned that I cannot wear Avon bath products because it throws my pH off. Some women cannot use Dial soap or Victoria Secret products. It is really all about understanding yourself as a whole- knowing your body and your mind and knowing how to maintain it.
Have you noticed that your pH has changed since you’ve been with him/her? Now, I don’t know your significant other so judge at your own discretion, but question how they care for themselves too. If you are having sex you are receiving what they are giving you. Again, this is just a thought. If he/she is complaining about what’s going on downstairs and you have done everything from changing your diet and your soaps and there is still no change, then its time to look at their lifestyle to determine what you are absorbing into your vagina. If you are a lesbian and you use strap ons, are you cleaning them properly? If you are using toys period do you clean them after each use with the proper soaps. I know of a product that a friend of mine sells with Pure Romance that you should consider using. Here’s her link to her Facebook:
Are you having unprotected sex? What is that person’s lifestyle like? Did you know that condoms can cause certain odors and allergic reactions, especially latex? I know personally I need polyurethane condoms because I give an allergic reaction to latex. Do you have multiple partners or are you monogamous? Are you allergic to your partner’s sperm (yes, it can happen)? Be honest with yourself and how you are living. Perhaps a bath once a week will help keep your acidity levels in check or maybe you need to eat an apple a day (I encourage that anyway).
So, the bad news is that your vagina has a natural odor and there is no way you will be able to run and hide from it. The good news is you can do something about it to sustain it or to even alter it. Everyone knows about eating fruit everyday. My advice is to make sure that when you eat fruit to do it on an empty stomach. For many of you this would act as a laxative which is more of the reason why you should eat it on an empty stomach. There is a wall that seperates your vagina and your anus (gross!). Keeping your system clean will also keep your vagina clean and prevent bacterial infections from occurring.
Vegetables are another way to keep the vagina fresh. I’m not talking about anything from the can either. I’m talking about fresh or frozen and if not raw still crunchy. Complex carbs is necessary to keep healthy flora in your system and keep your rectum clean thus keeping your vagina fresh. Considering the vagina is self-cleansing, what is put in the body makes a world of a difference of what is excreted out of it. Even when I do feel like a steak or a burger, I at least eat steamed broccoli and/or salad with it instead of potatoes to ensure healthy and prompt digestion.
DO NOT DOUCHE! You’re vagina knows how to clean itself, but like I said earlier, make sure you put the right things in your body. Douching can cause more harm than good causing an imbalance in its acidity (Vixamar, 2008). The ingredients in a douche are not the best. I understand that when your period ends you want to get all you can out, but you must understand that it’s going to come out anyway- you don’t have to force it. Some of you can handle douching, which is fine, but most of us really can’t. Just a word of advice.
Some things are just simple to do. Seriously. I can do a whole article on alternative methods to keep your pootang fresh, but the truth of the matter is that it does not have to be that serious. For some of you douching may actually be the best thing for your body. I like to use Summer’s Eve soaps and sprays- my vagina loves it. I’ve even used honey in a bath (I love baths). It does not take a whole lot of money, just a change in lifestyle. However, do not be afraid or ashamed. Your body is your body and you should be proud of it. Interestingly, many animals are not this obsessed with odor. They keep themselves clean by licking themselves most of the time. Us humans have more perfumes, sprays and concoctions because we’d hate to have that embarrassing odor that cums out during sex or just by walking in the heat for that matter.
This is not just about self-care, but also self-esteem. You have no reason to live in shame. Your personal odor may be disagreeable to some, but not to others. Pheromones also come into play and in some cases you are just not going to be agreeable to everyone. Oh well. Some people just do not understand body chemistry when it comes to a woman’s body. It seems that a sweaty man is more acceptable and a woman is supposed to always smell like roses. Look, you are in a human body. As long as you are living and breathing there is going to be a disagreeable odor. Shower all you want, your breath is going to stink from time to time. Last time I check, even shit has a bad odor.
The vagina gives off an odor. Face the facts. It is what it is. Do what is necessary to take care of yourself to where you are comfortable with your vaginal pH and you can never go wrong no matter what that may entail. Love your vagina and love yourself. Leave no room for shame and you will never be shameful. Learn and understand your body. These are things that should be taught when given sex education, but apparently they are too embarrassed by talking about this. Meanwhile there’s that 15 year old girl in high school with a yeast infection and doesn’t know where that smell is coming from. All she knows is that she is constantly being picked on. Some of you reading this are adults and act the same way. Grow the fuck up. Support vaginal health and love your vagina as it is and the scent it gives will love you too. Sionara!

Vixamar, R. (2008). Vaginal odor causes and prevention. Disabled world towards tomorrow.


  1. Some odors can attract as well. I would like to know your thinking about that side of the issue.

    1. Thanks for your response! Sorry for being late responding back. I will speak personally about this. This guy that I'm dating thinks I'm weird because I told him last weekend I liked his natural smell. I think this is more of our animal instincts that people want to ignore. Some are so civilized that they forget we have an animal side too. Many people that I have talked to about this issue are so bent on their partner smelling like soap that when their natural smell comes out anyway they just think that the person is nasty- which isn't the case at all. Its all about body chemistry, really. However, there is nothing like your own smell, but not everyone will like it either because they're ignorant or they just aren't attracted to it. We are the only species on this planet it seems that is embarrassed about a part of our sexual attractants simply because you have to smell it. Our smell is part of our sexuality- always have and always will. Darwin even theorizes that there are two types of smell- defensive and as an attractant (Furlow, 1996, 2012). I mean, we purchase perfumes and colognes- smell is everything. I think natural smell should be embraced or at least there should be an understanding for it- that's my opinion.

      You can also read more about it here:
      Furlow, F. B. (1996, 2012). The smell of love. Psychology today. Retrieved from


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